Silver Linings


Angel, the amateur detective in my Safe Haven mystery series, grew up in foster care. Even after she aged out of the system, tough breaks kept coming her way. The habit of looking for the “silver lining” in awful situations helps her survive and find the strength to carry on. It even opens Angel’s eyes to new opportunities, including wonderful fresh directions for her life! Just between the two of us, that’s been the case for me too.

There are all sorts of silver linings in these books, just as there are in real life. For example, Angel rescues Cowboy the cat from the streets (that’s him in the web header). He ends up transforming her life for the better. That’s true for many of us with “rescued” fur family: it’s not clear who’s saving whom! She never would have met Cowboy, though, if her life hadn’t fallen apart after becoming the prime suspect in a murder.

Incidentally, Cowboy is partly based on my two cats, both of whom, strangely enough, came into my life during and because of rock bottom periods. Those furry tykes got me through those years and have enriched my life immeasurably–that’s a non-fictional fact.


Zeus Calli

Please consider sharing your own silver lining (s) by posting a comment. New to this sort of perspective on life? Give it go! Just rummage around for anything good that came about from something not so great. You might be surprised at how much it can help.

Spreading the news about that unexpected gift could boost someone else’s spirits and help them get back on their feet. Need a pick-me-up yourself? Read another’s post. That’s a two-for-one silver living deal. I just love a bargain, don’t you?!


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