Welcome to Eona Calli’s site:

You’re entering a “safe haven!” I write mysteries to entertain and uplift. They’re set in the fictional village of Safe Haven, Massachusetts, but what’s not fictional is the essence of these books.

Life can turn on a dime, and Safe Haven’s residents sometimes go through rough patches in their lives. When Angel, the amateur detective, moves to this charming historic town, she unexpectedly plummets to rock bottom. Being accused of murder is almost the least of her worries!

This website offers a little bit of the fuel that boosts the spirits of Angel and her newfound friends, and coincidently sustains me in good and bad times. I hope it helps you too.

Drop by my Greek recipe blog and enjoy a little taste of the Greek life. Please feel free to add your suggestions and spread the comfort food love. Need a new perspective or a pick-me-up? The Silver Linings page might do the trick. And thanks very much for dropping by!