About Eona Calli

My life has been pretty topsy-turvy. Highs, lows, rock-bottoms–you name it, I’ve experienced it over and over. Many of those detours were the result of wicked curveballs and, inevitably (being human), a few from my bad calls. As a result, I’ve earned a second doctorate in the art of rebounding! (The first was in history, the art of perspective.)

Those experiences led me to write mysteries, which, on one level, are about making sense of tragedies in order to move on. By that I mean not just putting one foot in front of the other but finding an upward slope to another dream. And this is why, knowing first-hand how much an encouraging word can help someone get back on their feet, I pen thrival tales to entertain and uplift, on the off-chance a friend out there (you!) needs a boost.

That’s the most important thing to know about me, I think. Of course other elements of my life work their way into my fiction: my Greek heritage, insatiable sweet tooth, unabashed agape for felines, a penchant for diners & opera, etc. Mostly, though, I love (and live) to write.

Currently, I reside in a cozy home with Athena the cat in Ontario, Canada. And as a stalwart member of the mystery community, I’m delighted to participate in Sisters in Crime and its Guppy Chapter.

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