Like her protagonist Angel, Eona Calli has managed boutiques, dabbled in real estate, and worked in Greek restaurants. Most recently, she was a history professor specializing in village life. She’s now a mystery writer, setting her books in villages, of course.

She’s the child of Greek newcomers, so it’s no surprise that her Safe Haven cast includes multiple generations of immigrants to America. Like Eona, they must navigate through both old and new cultural worlds.

Having survived some tough times in her journey, Eona knows that an encouraging word can help someone get back on their feet. So, she crafts her mysteries to entertain and uplift (for those who need a boost).

When she’s not in front of the computer, she’s having a blast in the kitchen, creating Greek(ish) recipes for her books and blog. Unlike any of her characters (for a change!), Eona’s a member of Sisters in Crime and Guppies.

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