Cooking is serious business for those of Greek heritage. Great food is a time-honoured way of showing love to oneself, family, and friends. Comforting them too, if that’s needed. Like many immigrant groups, after generations of living away from the homeland, much of the original culture is embodied in the cuisine. It’s no wonder, then, that the worst arguments EVER between Greeks can be over the “right” way to make a dish. 

My mysteries feature Greek characters, so naturally Greek food is an integral part of their settings. I make art imitate life: first-generation immigrants, like my mother, are usually sticklers for tradition. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, deviate from the ancestral fare. And since these dishes are absolutely delicious, there’s nothing wrong with keeping to the tested and proven approach. Second-generation and beyond Greeks may enjoy incorporating other culinary traditions and local ingredients into their recipes, giving them a distinctly regional flavour (that’s more my schtick). 

I pay tribute here to older and newer generations of Greek immigrants everywhere by offering both kinds of delights. Have a recipe “tweaking” insight? Share your suggestion by posting a comment, and thanks very much. Now, stay tuned to enjoy a little taste of the Greek life!